translation by
Anna Wielopolska

Naturally nature

For as long as I can remember, I have loved nature - that beauty surrounding us, that is so strongly threatened by our actions. My sensitivity towards nature comes from my family home. It has shaped within me a conviction that people are not superior beings, but are part of the chain of life and, if I destroy other lifeforms, the very same destruction awaits me at the end. Aside from this, I am the mother of three sons and I have always worried about how they would live in a world full of exploding atomic reactors and how every day, from millions of chimneys and exhaust pipes, we emit poison into the air.

For me, ecology has a very personal, human character. It concerns the air my family and I breathe (and not only my family!); the park we visit to walk in; the water we drink. It concerns the lives of all of us.

So it was natural for me to join in the worldwide "Clean Up the World" movement.

I believe that the environment we live in is not just nature but also culture, which was inspired by and should form an integral part of nature. Respecting traditions, my roots, elderly people - these, to me, are also important elements of environmental protection.

There are many ways in which we may reach the noble aim that is the protection of the natural environemnt. My way is being associated with the "Clean Up Poland" movement. But, as well as my own, I respect activities undertaken with this aim by many other people and organisations.