translation by
Anna Wielopolska

My kitchen

I love eating and cooking. Everyone who feasts at my table always asks for seconds, so I guess I do it well. I don't have a favourite national cuisine because I am interested in recipes from the kitchens of many cultures and many countries. For me, cooking is an "act of creation" - passionate, delicious experimentation.
Kitchen in my australian home

The best reward I can receive for my laborious preparations are the happy faces of my guests.
In the kitchen too, I value the rhythm of nature. That is why I prepare meals based on seasonal products - the freshest, ripest and best for that time of year and, if possible, originating from ecological farms.
I never forget the wine, although thirst on hot days is best quenched with mineral water or cold beer.

But what I most recommend for the summer heat are, above all, light but nutritious salads.