translation by
Anna Wielopolska

I'm a woman

I enjoy being a woman, just the way I was born: a redhead, with all my faults and virtues.

I like intelligent, sensitive men. Men - well... as a heterosexual female they naturally attract me... But I also truly enjoy the company of women. I have many female friends and acquaintances -also my sisters are my close friends. As a person, I feel equal to men although I know that I am completely different. Being a woman, I have such tasks set for me by nature that men couldn't even dream of...

I'm happy because I have a family, friends and many passions.

Every morning when I wake up, I am aware that with each new day, I begin a new life. I just love life!

A great joy for me as a woman is being a mother. I have three wonderful sons. Of course, like every mother, I could go on endlessly about how unique they are...I like to spent time with children and not only my own. I appreciate all children and I make contact with them easily.