translation by
Anna Wielopolska

My home

Wherever I am, I always build a nest - my home. A home for me, is a place where I feel safe, where I have my own space. I decorated all my homes - and I had many - myself.

I come from a home that was not wealthy , but was very happy. There was always a wonderful atmosphere. That is why a home, for me, means more than just walls, windows, doors and furnishings. To me a home signifies, above all, the people who live there lovingly and in harmony.

I now have two homes - one in Poland and one in Australia, where my family lives (see photos below). But there are many places on Earth, where I could and would like to live - beautiful, calm, with friendly people. In fact, I can feel "at home", everywhere, because each of us can feel that way anywhere on Earth. Earth is, in fact, our shared home. I often gaze at the sky at night and admire all the wonderful stars and planets. And I always think then that I can live only here, on Earth, and that our planet, viewed from outer space, also looks bright, mysterious and enticing.