translation by
Anna Wielopolska

My Australia

That is where my family, my sons, live. That is also where I live, but lately only two months per year - for the rest of the time I live and work in Poland.

I am fascinated with that ancient continent, its uniqueness and peaceful air. Australia is a real melting pot of nationalities. Representatives of numerous cultures live there. What's important - and optimistic - is that they live as friends, they co-operate with one another and work good-naturedly in the creation of a joint future. Despite their different origins they feel - and are - Australians. I am convinced that the same can happen in a united Europe.

I am very much in awe of the history and culture of Australian Aborigines - Australia's first inhabitants.

A significant experience for me was spending the night in the central Australian desert. I also recommend to everybody a walk along the ocean's edge, which is fascinating with its combination of beauty and power - you can simply intoxicate yourself with it...
If you would like to find out more about Australia itself, I encourage you to visit the Australian Embassy's website.